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Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser


We are partners of our customers from first contact to after-sales service. As a technical consultant, we discuss the requirements with our customers and develop solutions that increase the efficiency and added-value. Along the entire - ISO 9001 certified process chain - we offer the most attractive solution package.

Development History


We are always on the way.


MES intelligent workshop management system


The smart vision system with independent dual-head laser system initiated by GOLDEN LASER was officially launched, and successfully applied in the field of leather cutting for shoes.


GOLDEN LASER proposed the strategic plan of “GOLDEN Mode: Platform + Ecological Circle” to accelerate the construction of the high-end laser machine and 3D digital technology application innovation platform – “GOLDEN+”.


GOLDEN LASER was formally established Sales and Service Center in the United States and Vietnam.


GOLDEN LASER cooperated with Wuhan Textile University to establish a denim laser application laboratory.


The company's organizational structure has been greatly adjusted. Several subsidiaries and divisions have been established.

The fly scanning vision laser cutting system developed for the dye-sublimation sportswear industry was successfully launched.


In May 2011, GOLDEN LASER was officially listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300220)


Formally involved in the field of fiber laser cutting for metal, the subsidiary company Wuhan Vtop Fiber Laser Engineering Co., Ltd?was established.


CO2 RF metal lasers developed by GOLDEN LASER were launched.

Automatic Galvo laser engraving system for roll material was launched.

GOLDEN LASER first 3.2 meters super-wide CO2 laser cutting machine was delivered. The customization ability of GOLDEN LASER for large format flatbed CO2 laser cutting Machine is well-known in the industry.


Entering the industrial fabric industry. The first time to participate in the filtration industry exhibition, achieved unanimous praise.


Bridge laser embroidery machine was launched, achieving the perfect combination of computer embroidery and laser cutting.

3D dynamic focusing large-format galvanometer laser engraving system came out.


The domestic patent model with the longest life, the highest cost-performance and the lowest failure rate, "dual-core" JGSH series CO2 laser cutter, was first launched.


Large-format CO2 laser cutting machine with conveyor working table was put into production, marking the possibility of automated production of laser cutter.


The galvanometer laser series production line was formally established.

Successfully developed the GOLDEN LASER brand laser power system.


The first laser clothing cutting machine in China has been successfully developed by GOLDEN LASER, and the domestic and foreign markets have received high praise.


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Send your message to us:

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