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NIKE has a history of 46 years today. Before the advent of Air Jordan, all basketball shoes were white. It can be said that Jordan Sneakers has a huge impact on the basketball and sports shoes industry.

Introduction To The History of Jordan's Sneakers

Introduction To The History of Jordan's Sneakers

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Nike's Air Jordan series a rare brand that release signature shoes every year after the retiring of the stars. Air jordan and other nike brands operate independently. Air Jordan series represent an era that records a history of basketball development.

Launched in 1984, Nike's first pair of sneakers named after Jordan, the side of the shoe still retains the Nike's hook mark, which is also the only pair of Jordan shoes with Nike hook logo on the side. The key technology of Jordan's 1st generation is the built-in air cushion unit. The upper is made of leather and the sole is made of hard rubber.

Jordan 2 is the most precious model in the Jordan series. It was designed by Brucekilgore and produced in Italy. It is stylish and transcends the traditional design concept of basketball shoes. The side of the shoe retains the logo of two flying wings. This is the only style in the Jordan series that has no black color.

Nike Air Jordan 3, which was launched in 1988, took an epoch-making step in the Jordan series. It became the first pair of Jordan shoes with exposed air cushions, and It was the first pair of Jordan shoes with the flying man logo. The one-handed dunk of the two legs became the hallmark of the Jordan brand.

Air Jordan 4 - The Jordan's 4th generation added two new attempts in the design. For the first time, a combination of leather and nylon mesh was used on the upper. This design was very popular at that time. The main purpose was to reduce the weight of the shoes and improve the wearing comfort.

In the early works of the Jordan series, Jordan 5 generation is considered to be the most beautiful appearance, smooth shoes, high-top and radioactive arc extending from the sole and the 23rd on the back to make Jordan 5 Generations of unusual appearance. Corresponding to the shape, the inherent technological content of this shoe has also been greatly improved.

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For the first time, Jordan 6 put forward the concept of rubber lace elastic buckle, which can easily fasten the laces and also plays a very good decorative role. The advanced translucent rubber sole was also used on the sole to increase the grip of the sole. The logo of the flying man appeared in three parts of the shoes.

Jordan 7 has unique value in the Jordan series, Because Jordan won the championship at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics with this shoes. The biggest feature of Jordan 7 is multi color matching. There is a 23rd word on the heel. The sole is made up of a variety of geometric figures. The flying man's logo on the side of the shoe adds a lot charm to the whole shoes.

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Jordan 8 has made a breakthrough in the shape, the most prominent feature is the cross-hook design of the upper, which strengthens the stability of the upper. The midsole reduces lots of the rubber material. The abstract pattern on the heel side and the middle of the sole adds an artistic touch to Jordan 8.

Jordan 9 are the first shoes in the Jordan series that Jordan did not put on in the NBA. The overall shape is relatively simple, there is not much innovation in technology, the built-in air cushion, the protruding part of the forefoot edge to increase stability, the upper and the round laces give the feet a comfortable and safe feeling.

The launch of the 10th generation coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Jordan series, which also marks the birth of a sports brand myth. In history, there is no longer a series of players' endorsements that can last for so long. The most special place for Jordan 10 is on its sole, which records Jordan's honors and special experiences from the 85th to the 94th.

From the design point of view, Jordan 11 used lacquer leather as a upper material in a breakthrough, making it a symbol of high-end basketball shoes. The 11th generation of Jordan series is not only the masterpiece of the Jordan series, it has had a profound impact on the entire Nike basketball shoes.

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The biggest feature of this pair of Jordan 12 is the use of distinctive DURA-BACK materials with natural leather uppers. DURA-BACK can prevent sprains when the ankles land, and the weight of the feet is light. This is also the first pair of Jordan shoes with full palm ZOOM-AIR. The following generations have switched to ZOOM-AIR.

Air Jordan 13 has improved the application of ZOOM technology to whole palm ZOOM-AIR. the midsole uses a large area of carbon fiber material, providing good support and stability, and leather and nylon fabrics make up the upper. Jordan 13 offers better toughness while reducing weight. The fast lace-up design and the leopard-like upper pattern create a new generation of Jordan shoes.

Jordan 14 is extremely fast, the weight is also the lightest after Jordan's 11th generation. Jordan 14 pay attention to speed and weight reduction, making each part of Jordan's 14th generation seem relatively thin. The metal laces used for the first time are full of dynamics, demonstrating their esteemed status.

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Jordan's 19th generation has a toe that resembles Jordan's 11th generation, slender laces and sturdy lace buckles, similar to the surface texture of the Jordan 2 boots and the vents of the heel. Surprisingly, the complicated design does not impose a weight on the shoes, and the lighter wearing is very comfortable.

Inspired by Air Jordan I, Air Jordan XXXI is complemented by the latest Flyweave weaving technology and leather upper. The optimized full-arm Zoom Air with Flightspeed technology provides excellent comfort and feedback, making it a pair of a powerful basketball shoes.

The color of the Air Jordan 32 is inspired by Michael Jordan's habit of wearing full black socks in the NBA playoffs. The overall cool black running shoe echoes Jordan's black panther image, the inner standard of the tongue is printed with the words Black Cat, while the flying wing logo of the tongue and the midsole JUMPMAN have a special visual effect.

To review the history of Jordan's full range of shoes can not be finished with a few words, If you are willing to save a pair to remember the history, you can take a look at the shoes store.

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