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Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

Laser Cutting of Aircraft Carpet for the Aviation Industry

Laser technology is widely used in aviation and aerospace field, such as laser cutting and drilling for jet parts, laser welding, laser cladding and 3D laser cutting. There are different types of laser machines for such process, e.g. high power CO2 laser and fiber laser for different materials. Goldenlaser offers the optimized laser cutting solution for aircraft carpet.

The traditional cutting method of aviation carpet is mechanical cutting. It has very big drawbacks. The cutting edge is very poor and it is easy to fray. The follow-up also needs to manually cut the edge and then sew the edge, and the post-processing procedure is complicated.

Additionally, the aviation carpet is extremely long. Laser cutting is the easiest way for cutting aircraft carpet accurately and efficiently. Laser seals the edge of the aircraft blankets automatically, no need subsequently sewing, capable of cut extremely long size with high precision, save the labor and with high flexibility for small and medium contracts.

aircraft carpets cutting

Applied Carpet Materials Suitable for Laser Cutting

Nylon, Non-woven, Polypropylene, Polyester, Blended fabric, EVA, Leatherette, etc.

Key Importance of Laser Cutting for Aviation Blanket

Seal the edge of carpet automatically, no need sewing again.

Conveyor table advance the materials to the cutting table automatically, no need manual intervention during cutting, saving labor costs.

High precision cutting for super long patterns.

Related Applications

Related applications of carpets that suitable for laser cutting and marking

Area Rugs, Indoor Carpet, Outdoor Carpet, Doormat, Car Mat, Carpet Inlaying, Yoga Mat, Marine Mat, Aircraft Carpet, Floor Carpet, Logo Carpet, Aircraft Cover, EVA Mat, etc.

carpet 3

Laser Machine Recommendation

Model No.: CJG-2101100LD

The cutting table width is 2.1 meters, and the table length is over 11 meters long. With the X-Long Table, you can cut super long patterns with one shot, no need to cut half of the patterns and then process the rest of the materials.?Hence, there is no sewing gap on the art piece this machine creates. The X-Long Table Design processes the materials precisely and efficiently with little feeding time.

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