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Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

Laser Cutting of Digital Dye-Sublimation Printed Fabrics

Vision Laser Cutting Machine

Seamlessly meet requirements for cutting printed textiles and fabrics

Nowadays printing technology is widely used in a variety of industries such as sportswear, swimwear, apparel, banners, flags, and soft signage. Today’s higher production textile printing processes require even faster cutting solutions.

What is the best solution for cutting printed fabrics and textiles? Traditional manually cutting or mechanical cutting has many limitations. Laser cutting becomes the?optimal solution for contour cutting of dye sublimation printed sublimation fabrics and textiles.

Goldenlaser’s vision laser cutting solution automates the process of cutting out dye sublimation printed shapes of fabric or textile quickly and accurately, automatically compensating for any distortions or stretches that occur in unstable or stretchy textiles.

Cameras scan the fabric, detect and recognize the printed contour, or pick up the printed registration marks and then laser machine cuts the chosen designs. The entire process is fully automatic.

The advantages of cutting dye-sub textiles with our vision laser system?

Precisely and delicately cutting directly from roll

Easy to operate - Automatically recognize the printed contours

Flexible processing - Any design and any order size

Fusion of cutting edges - Thermal processing polyester fabric

Contactless processing - No fabric distortion

Application Industry

The main application industry of digital printing textiles suitable for laser cutting


For sports jerseys elastic textiles, swimwear, cycling apparel, team uniforms, running outfits, etc.



For leggings, Yoga wear, sports shirts,?shorts, etc.

sublimated numbers

Labels & Patches

For twill letters, logos. numbers, digital sublimated labels and images, etc.



For T-shirt, polo shirt, blouses, dresses, skirts, shorts, shirts, face masks, scarves, etc.

soft signage

Soft Signage

For banners, flags, displays, exhibition backdrops, etc.

inflatable tent


For tents, awnings, canopies, table throws, inflatables and gazebos, etc.

home decor

Home Decor

For upholstery, decorative, cushions, curtains, bed linen, tablecloths, etc.

Laser Machines Recommendation

We recommend the following laser cutting machines for dye sublimation printed fabrics and textiles cutting

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Send your message to us:

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