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Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

Laser Cutting Solutions for Filter Media

Automatic, fast and precision processing of filtration fabrics with flatbed CO2 laser cutting machines from goldenlaser

polypropylene filter cloth,PP filter bags,filter fabrics_700

Filtration Industry Introduction

As an important environmental protection and safety control process, filtration has been widely used in many fields, from industrial gas-solid separation, gas-liquid separation, solid-liquid separation, solid-solid separation, to air purification and water purification of daily home appliances. Specific applications include waste gas emission treatment in power plants, steel plants, cement plants, air filtration in textile and garment industry, sewage treatment, filtration and crystallization in chemical industry, air filtration in automobile industry, oil circuit filtration, and air filtration in household air conditioners and vacuum cleaners.

Currently, the filter materials are mainly fiber materials, woven fabrics. In particular, fiber materials are mainly synthetic fibers such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, viscose fiber, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, polyurethane, aramid, as well as glass fiber, ceramic fiber, metal fiber, etc.

With the continuous expansion of the application fields of filtration, new filter materials are constantly emerging, and the filtration?products range from filter press cloth, dust cloth, dust bag, filter screen, filter cartridge, filter barrels, filters, filter cotton to filter element.

Goldenlaser offers CO? laser cutters for technical textiles

Large format CO2 laser cutting machine is ideal for cutting filtration medium thanks to the non-contact process and high precision achieved by the laser beam. In addition, the thermal laser process ensures the cutting edges are automatically sealed when cutting technical textiles. Since the laser cut filter cloth does not fray, subsequent processing becomes easier.

High precision

High speed

Highly automated

Cutting-edge laser technology for optimal results

laser cutting filter cloth 500

What benefits do goldenlaser CO2 laser cutting machines have for cutting filter media?

Laser cutting has become a trend for filter industry

Automatic sealing of cutting edges prevents fringe

No tool wear - no loss of quality

High precision and accuracy of repeatability

High flexibility in production due to various additional options

Automated production process with conveyor and feeding systems

Marking systems in various variants: Inkjet printer module?and?Ink marker module

Complete exhaust and filtering of cutting emissions possible

Various choice of different table sizes - with options suitable for all filter sizes

Exact fabric shapes can be made through CAD programming and exchanged to our CO2 laser cutters. You are guaranteed exactness, speed and a definitive in quality of filter media processing.

Applications in filter industry

? Dust collection bags / Filtration press cloth / Industrial filtration belts / Filter cartridge / Filter paper / Mesh fabric

??Air Filtration / Fluidization / Liquid filtration / Technical fabrics

??Drying / Dust Filtration / Screening / Solid filtration

??Water filtration / Food filtration / Industrial filtration

??Mining filtration / Oil and gas filtration / Pulp and paper filtration

??Textile air dispersion products

Filter materials suitable for laser cutting

Filter fabric, glass fiber, non-woven fabric, paper, foam, cotton, polypropylene, polyester, polyamides, nylon, PTFE, sox duct and other industrial fabrics.
laser cut filter cloth

We recommend the CO2 laser machines for cutting filter cloth

Gear and rack driven

Large format working area

Fully enclosed structure

High speed, high precision, highly automated

High-power CO2 metal RF lasers from 300 watts, 600 watts to 800 watts

GOLDENLASER JMC Series High Speed High Precision CO2 Flat Bed Laser Cutter in Details

Rack & Pinion

High precision rack & pinion driving system. The cutting speed up to 1200m/s, the ACC up to 10000mm/s2, maintain long-term stability.

Laser Source

World-class CO2 metal RF laser generator, stable and durable.

Working Table

Vacuum absorbing honeycomb conveyor working table. Flat, automatic, low reflectivity from laser beam.


High efficiency "INK JET PRINTER" together with cutting at the same time.

1. Print a circle??2. Cutting the circle

Precision Tension Feeding

Auto-feeder: Tension correction and feeding with laser cutter for continuous feeding and cutting.

Control System

Independent intellectual property rights. The customized control system for industrial fabrics.

YASKAWA Servo motor

Japanese YASKAWA Servo motor. High precision, stable speed, overload ability.

Automatic Sorting System

Fully automatic sorting system. Make the material feeding, cutting, sorting at one time.

Four Reasons

to Choose GOLDENLASER JMC SERIES CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

tension feeding-small icon 100

1. Precision tension feeding

No tension feeder will easy to distort the variant in the feeding process, resulting the ordinary correction function multiplier; Tension feeder in a comprehensive fixed on both sides of the material at the same time, with automatically pull the cloth delivery by roller, all process with tension, it will be perfect correction and feeding precision.

tension feeding VS non-tension feeding
high-speed high-precision laser cutting-small icon 100

2. High-speed cutting

Rack and pinion motion system equipped with high-power laser tube, reaches to 1200 mm/s cutting speed, 8000 mm/s2 acceleration speed.

automatic sorting system-small icon 100

3. Automatic sorting system

Fully automatic sorting system. Material feeding, cutting, sorting at one time.

working areas can be customized-small icon 100

4. Working areas can be customized

2300mm×2300mm (90.5 inch×90.5 inch), 2500mm×3000mm (98.4in×118in), 3000mm×3000mm (118in×118in), Or optional. The largest working area is up to 3200mm×12000mm (126in×472.4in)

laser cutter working areas can be customized

Watch laser cutting machine for filter cloth in action!

What is your material?

We have a complete laser processing technology, including laser cutting, laser engraving, laser perforating and laser marking. We have a huge amount of laser process data accumulation. We can testing your materials with our laser machines, and optimize the process flow. Samples testing video, processing parameters and other related information are provided free of charge.

What is your industry?

We have been customer-oriented, deeply exploring the needs of the industry, providing digital laser application solutions, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and helping users to innovate and develop. GOLDEN LASER is involved in many application fields, and a number of solutions are at the leading level in the industry.

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