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Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

Laser Cutting Leather for Shoes Industry

Laser Cutting Leather for Shoes Industry

GOLDEN LASER develops special CO? laser cutter for leather.

Leather & Shoes Industry Introduction

In the leather shoe industry, factory orders are based on market demand and end user’s consuming habits. With the increasing demand for personalized products, manufacturing orders are become in variety and small batches, which requires the factories timely delivery to reach the “fast fashion” trend.

Leather & Shoe Industry Status

01? ?The trend of intelligent manufacturing
02? ?Orders in variety and small quantity
03? ?Labor cost keep increasing
04? ? Materials cost keep increasing
05? ? Environmental Problem

Why does laser cutting technology is ideal for leather shoes processing?

Compared with the traditional different types of cutting methods (manual, knife cutting or punching), laser has the obvious advantages of faster speed, maximizing material utilization, non-contact processing to reduce surface damage of leather materials, saving labor and reducing waste. When cutting leather, the laser is melting the material, resulting in clean and perfectly sealed edges.?

GOLDEN LASER - The typical CO2 laser cutter for leather cutting / shoes producing

The two heads moving independently - Cutting different designs at the same time

Model: XBJGHY-160100LD II

Independent dual head

Continuous cutting

Multi-process: cutting, scribing, unloading integration

Strong stability, easy operation

High precision

Laser cutting is suitable for cutting of small-volume customized leather products.

Choosing a laser can bring you:

a.? High precision cutting quality
b.? Multiple styles pattern design
c.? Customized products
d.? High efficiency
e.? Quick response
f.? Fast delivery

laser cutting leather 528x330WM

Shoe industry demand Ⅰ

“Fast fashion” gradually replaces "ordinary styles"

Laser cutting technology can fully meet the cutting needs of small-volume, multi-variety and multi-style shoe industry.

Laser cutting is the most suitable processing for the footwear factories which are doing customized orders with various styles, patterns and different quantity of each style/pattern.

Shoe industry demand Ⅱ

Intelligent management for the production process

Plan Management

Process Management

Quality Management

Material Management

Smart Factory Intelligent Workshop-Golden Laser

Shoe industry demand Ⅲ

Exhaust pipe overall scheme

What type of laser?

We have a complete laser processing technology, including laser cutting, laser engraving, laser perforating and laser marking.

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What is your material?

Test your materials, optimize the process, provide video, processing parameters, and more, free of charge.

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What is your industry?

Digging deep into industries, with automated and intelligent laser application solutions to help users innovate and develop.

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