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Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

Sandpaper – laser cutting and perforation of abrasive sanding discs

Laser is an alternative solution for sandpaper processing to fulfill the new demands of processing and production of abrasive sanding discs, which are beyond the reach of traditional die cutting.

In order to improve the dust extraction rate and prolong the life of the sanding disc, more and better quality dust-extraction holes need to be produced on the advanced abrasive disc surface. A feasible option for producing smaller holes on sandpaper is to use an industrial CO2 laser cutting system.

Laser Processing Availability

Processing available on Sandpaper (Abrasive Materials) with CO2 Laser Systems of Goldenlaser
laser cutting sandpaper sanding disc

Laser Cutting


laser perforating abrasive material

Laser Perforation


laser micro perforation of abrasive materials

Laser Micro Perforation


Advantages of laser cutting for sandpaper:

Laser processing eliminates the need for hard tooling.

The non-contact laser process does not cause deformation of the abrasive surface.

Smooth cutting edges of the laser-cut finished sandpaper disc.

Perforation and cutting?in a single operation with maximum accuracy and speed.

No tool wear - consistently high cutting quality.

High-powered CO2 lasers integrated with large-area galvanometer motion systems provide an ideal platform for processing the sanding discs. It is typical to have multiple laser sources to increase productivity.

Multiple Galvo laser heads simultaneous processing on-the-fly.

Capable of process the sandpaper from a jumbo roll in continuous motion.

Minimal downtimes - Quick changeover of the cutting patterns.

The whole operation is automated without manual intervention.

Auto-feeder, winder and robotic stacking options to meet your abrasive products manufacturing needs.

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