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Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

Laser Cutting of Cordura Fabric and Synthetic Fabric

Goldenlaser offers?professional laser cutting solutions for Cordura?

From outdoor adventures to daily life to the selection of workwear, versatile Cordura? fabrics are fulfilling a wide range of functions and uses. In terms of different functional properties, the flexibility of the laser system allows Cordura? fabrics to be cut and marked perfectly, without damaging materials performance.

Goldenlaser, an sophisticated laser machine specialist (expert), can help (manufacture) efficient and high-quality laser cutting and marking of Cordura? fabrics with customized, specialized laser solutions.

Laser processing of Cordura?:

1. Laser cutting of Cordura?

Agile and powerful laser head emits the thin laser beam to melt the edge to achieve laser cutting Cordura? fabric. Sealing edges when cutting.

2. Laser marking of Cordura?

Application of Cordura?

Cordura? patch, Cordura? package, Cordura? backage, Cordura? watch strap, Cordura? bag, Cordura? motorcycle pants, Cordura? seat cover, Cordura? jacket, ballistic jacket, Cordura? wallet, Protective vest

cordura products

Benefits from laser cutting of Cordura?

No pulling deformation and performance damage with laser force-free and contactless processing

No tool wear with laser beam optical processing

No material fixation due to the vacuum table

Clean and flat edge with heat treatment

Flexible shape and pattern cutting and marking

Automated feeding and cutting

Material information of Cordura? fabrics and laser cutting method

cordura 500D layers water resistance

Usually made of nylon, Cordura? is regarded as the toughest synthetic fabric with unparalleled abrasion resistance, tear-resistance, and durability. Under the same weight, the durability of Cordura? is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary nylon and polyester, and 10 times that of ordinary cotton canvas. These superior performances have been maintained so far, and with the blessing and support of fashion, infinite possibilities are being created. Combined with printing and dyeing technology, blending technology, coating technology, versatile Cordura? fabrics are given more functionality.

No need to worry about the performance of the material being damaged, CO2 laser system offers excellent advantages for cutting and marking Cordura? fabrics.?Goldenlaser has been optimizing and refining laser cutting machines and laser marking machines to help manufacturers in the textile sector update their production methods and obtain maximum benefits.

Related Cordura? fabrics suitable for laser cutting

- CORDURA? Ballistic Fabric


- CORDURA? Classic Fabric

- CORDURA? Combat Wool? Fabric

- CORDURA? Denim

- CORDURA? HP Fabric

- CORDURA? Naturalle? Fabric



Other terms of Cordura?

- Polyamide fabric

- Nylon

We recommend the CO2 laser machine for the cutting of Cordura? fabrics

Gear and rack driven

Large format working area

Fully enclosed structure

High speed, high precision, highly automated

CO2 metal RF lasers from 300 watts, 600 watts to 800 watts

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