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Laser Cutting Machine, Laser Engraving Machine, Galvo Laser Machine - Golden Laser

Laser Cutting of Nylon, Polyamide (PA) and Ripstop Textiles

Nylon, also known as polyamide (PA), is ideally suited for laser cutting with high precision and flexibility. And in the case of textiles, the cut edges do not fray after they are heat sealed with the laser.

Goldenlaser offers laser cutting machines especially configured for nylon and ripstop textiles, as well as customized laser solutions to meet different requirements (various nylon variations, different sizes and shapes). Specialized and customized configuration is a unique advantage of goldenlaser’s laser cutting machines.

Why is CO2 laser system suitable for processing nylon?

Laser processing of nylon can be performed with a 9.3 or 10.6 micron CO2?laser. Laser cutting of nylon with a CO2?laser produces a clean edge with minimal melting along the cut path. Laser engraving of nylon is also possible with a CO2?laser and results in a clean mark.

Additionally, flexible and varied laser processing methods can create more possibilities for nylon articles, including laser cutting and laser engraving. Inherent processing features of laser systems have been not stopping the pace of innovating for customers' more demands.

What are the advantages of cutting nylon with a laser?

Clean and perfect cut edges - no post-processing necessary

No fabric distortion due to contactless laser cutting

Any pattern and shape can be laser cut -?Exact cutting of big formats and small parts

Constant and repeatable cutting quality

No tool preparation or tool wear

laser cutting nylon fabric
laser cutting nylon

What are the added values of goldenlaser's laser cutting machines?

Unique options of variety of table sizes - working formats can be customized on request

Conveyor system?for the fully automated processing of textiles directly from the roll

Capable of processing of extra-long and big formats by burr-free continuation of cutting

Large format?perforation and engraving?over the entire processing area

High flexibility through combining with?gantry and Galvo laser systems on one machine

Two heads and independent dual heads are available for improving efficiency

Camera recognition?for cutting of printed nylon or Polyamide (PA)

Material information about nylon and laser cutting of nylon

Firstly successfully being commercialized as synthetic thermoplastic polymer, nylon 6,6 are launched by DuPont as military clothing, specialty textiles, medical devices. With high resistance of abrasion, high tenacity, rigidity and toughness, elasticity, nylon can be melt-processed into different fibers, films, or shape and play versatile roles in apparel, flooring, electrical equipment and molded parts for automotive and aviation. Combined with blending and coating technology, nylon has developed many variations. Nylon 6, nylon 510, nylon-cotton, nylon-polyester are taking on responsibilities in various occasions.

As an artificial composite material, nylon can be perfectly cut on laser cutter. No worry about material distortion and damage, laser systems featured by contactless and forceless processing. Superior colorfastness and dying for varieties of colors, printed and dyed nylon fabrics can be laser cut into accurate patterns and shapes. Supported by recognition systems, laser cutter will be your good helper in processing nylon materials.

Laser cut nylon can be used for the following applications:

  • Clothing and Fashion
  • Military Clothing
  • Specialty Textiles
  • Interior Design
  • Tents
  • Parachutes
  • Packaging
  • Medical Devices
  • And more!

We recommend the following CO2 laser machines for the cutting of nylon:

Textile Laser Cutting Machine

CO2 flatbed laser cutter is designed for wide textile rolls and soft materials automatically and continuously cutting.

Read More

Ultra-long Table Size Laser Cutter

Specialty?6 meter to 13 meter?bed sizes for extra long materials,?tent, sailcloth, parachute, paraglider, canopy, sunshade, aviation carpets…

Read More

Galvo & Gantry Laser Machine

The galvanometer offers high speed engraving, perforating and cutting of thin materials, while X-Y Gantry allows processing of thicker stock.

Read More

We are pleased to advise you on laser cutting of nylon (polyamide), as well as on the processing technology and special options of our laser cutting machines.

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